Genioux Dangerous Whirlpool Problems

Update 11/25/2020

The "genioux facts" ( form a fundamental basis to build a better world for all. Corporation has identified problems that have a whirlwind-like behavior, with gigantic pull forces sinking brilliant solutions, thriving debates, growth, and prosperity. Those problems are specific to some countries and in some cases general to most countries.

Political polarization of the United States

Genioux Dangerous Whirlpool Problem: Political polarization of the United States

Political polarization in the U.S. is a whirlpool problem with disastrous consequences for the country. It’s a nonsense problem because:
  • Both the Republican and Democratic parties have shown that they can lead the United States with great success. 
  • Each political party has a different approach to solve the country's problems.
  • Citizens vote freely.
  • Leaders and fans are not enemies. They think different.
  • The most solid solutions are built on teamwork between those who think differently.

Consequences of the United States Political Polarization in the war against coronavirus

The country doesn’t win a war that could be won long time ago. 
  • Political calculation is the driving motor. For example, it is believed that a poor economy will define victory in the presidential election. 
  • American citizens are confused with distorted, fuzzy and contradictory knowledge and information.
  • The country is in real danger. True enemies become blurry.
  • The global leadership of the country is deteriorated.
  • The focus is not on the essential but on the mediatic.
  • Millions of Americans wear themselves out in sterile disputes.

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