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Update 11/25/2020

The "genioux facts" ( form a fundamental basis to build a better world for all.

The SAFE WINNING Economy in the NEW NORMAL is the implementation of Genioux WINNING Pyramid

Each country enables the safe functioning of its economy in the NEW NORMAL (i.e., Coronavirus is still alive) by implementing the Genioux WINNING pyramid, using top-down or bottom-up approaches, or mixtures of them.

At the base of the pyramid are the WINNING PEOPLE.

WINNING PEOPLE follow the WINNING BEHAVIOR of Genioux Solution backed by Genioux Digital Vaccine. WINNING PEOPLE are responsible people that don’t get infected and don’t infect others. WINNING PEOPLE in the Digital Era are unique leaders who increase all intelligence, all capitals which triggered their personal, family, organizational, national and world growths.

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Genioux WINNING PEOPLE are people empowered with WINNING BEHAVIOR to confront the coronavirus, the invisible enemy. Each person has two options to use the Genioux Digital Vaccine:
  1. Genioux Digital Vaccine with COMPLETE PROTECTION inside and outside the home. The probability of becoming infected or infecting others is ZERO or close to ZERO. RULES 1 and 2 are followed even at home.
  2. Genioux Digital Vaccine with STRONG PROTECTION outside. The probability of becoming infected or infecting others outside is ZERO or close to ZERO. But the likelihood of becoming infected or infecting others in the home is unknown. Outside ALL RULES are respected with particular emphasis on RULES 1 and 2.
Genioux WINNING PEOPLE guarantee that everything is safe because: 
  1. Follow a WINNING BEHAVIOR to face coronavirus. They don’t get infected. They don’t infect others.
  2. Work for WINNING COMPANIES that respect a WINNING BEHAVIOR to face the coronavirus.
  3. Are clients of WINNING COMPANIES that respect a WINNING BEHAVIOR to face coronavirus.
Each WINNING COUNTRY defines guidelines that the WINNING STATES implement with the intelligent support of the WINNING CITIES. 

At the same time, it is urgent that, under the leadership of the United States and Europe, progress be made in defining the rules, laws and values that all countries must respect in the fascinating new world that we are building in the Digital Age. 

Genioux Solution to win the war against coronavirus in record time and boost to national growth in the Digital Era

Genioux Solution proposes an original solution to the TWO PARALLEL CHALLENGES that will change the lives of people, those of their families, that of organizations, of companies, industries, towns, cities, countries, states, the life of countries, regions and the world in general.   

In order to WIN THE TWO CROSS-CUTTING CHALLENGES, basically the same solution is needed: WINNING BEHAVIOR. 


The solution is with the help of the Genioux Digital Vaccine, a behavioral vaccine that, with THE WINNING BEHAVIOR, made humans immune to the coronavirus, stopped its spread, made visible the humans who were invisibly infecting others even from their homes. The Genioux Digital Vaccine in the incubation period of the virus, in 14 days of massive application in a country, leaves the coronavirus ready for its definitive death, which is tailored to each nation, each state, city and town.

HOW IT WORKS: The Genioux Digital Vaccine offered the solution to WINNING BEHAVIOR, while using a set of RULES, based on the knowledge and information from the brightest official experts in the United States, namely The White House, CDC and Johns Hospital Hopkins, that if people strictly complied with these rules they became IMMUNE  in  high percentages (they were confirmed totally immune according to the official state of the art in the United States and up to updated publications), to the coronavirus and which additionally prevented people from contaminating themselves and others. 


A vast majority of humanity is unaware that the coronavirus appeared at a time when they were advancing in the midst of another exponential function, the adoption of the Digital Age. The Digital Age offers all exceptional benefits but also many challenges and risks. The Digital Age is going to completely change the history of humanity.

It is a FASCINATING new world being built without billions of people having the slightest idea of all that is going on in the Digital Age. Naturally, the visionaries are already involved. Giant companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM are already enjoying their honey.

The world does not stop moving forward and probably only a minority knows that, in the Global Fortune 500 2019 ranking, a list that for the past three decades has been selecting the world's largest companies according to their income, had China for the first time surpass the United States. 121 US firms and 129 Chinese companies (including 10 companies from Taiwan) appeared in the ranking.

In summary, the American company Corporation, invites everyone to apply the Genioux Digital Vaccine and APPROPRIATE WINNING BEHAVIOR by becoming a unique leader who increased all intelligence, all capitals which triggered their personal, family, organizational, national and world growths.

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