jueves, 17 de octubre de 2019

Business: Cycling News, Tour de France 2020 will be no more difficult to control, says Brailsford


Dave Brailsford is confident that the team can succeed in their quest for an eighth title in nine years. 

  • "Every year it’s a different puzzle to solve. We’ll take it away, pick it apart and figure it out. In the team, we’ve got riders who can really climb, who can time trial well and, whichever way a Grand Tour goes, we’ve got guys who can cover all the bases."
  • "I think there’s a reduction in time trials and flats."
  • "Then the last time trial is interesting but they’ve taken the climbing kilometres and spread them throughout the race rather than have them focused on your Alpine and Pyreenean focus stages, which is interesting. It’s more a mid-mountain, all-rounder route. I don’t think that makes it more difficult to control."
  • "It’s now a question of sitting down, looking at the Giro, this, then looking at the Vuelta and then deciding who we’re going to tackle the season."


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