lunes, 17 de febrero de 2020

Noticiero El Big Picture del Deporte: MSN, Yahoo Sports, Already villains, the Astros should stop apologizing and go full heel

The Houston Astros tried silence. They tried remorse or regret or something. I’m not sure exactly. They oversteered. They tried press conferences in which they summoned the vibes of a fifth-grade oral report. They even, way back when, tried denials. They understeered. Soon, they’ll point out that they are, if you really think about it, victims. Give it time.
  • There are people out there who fear for the sport, who mourn for the lost integrity of entire baseball seasons, who wish none of this happened. There also are people who take this personally. Not all of them are in the stands, and some of their ire is valid. Even Manfred, speaking Sunday afternoon in Florida and defending the immunity-for-honesty methodology of his investigation, reminded that there is no deeper humiliation in the game than having been a Houston Astros batter in 2017. It’s no fun to have dictated the lede of your career obituary at, say, 25. The Astros have. 
  • So, they will, in 2020 and for who knows how long after that, play every night against every wronged player, every angry fan, every ball writer on deadline, in every market but one. Their own.
  • It will be hard. Sometimes embarrassing. The voices will be loud. The judgments louder. Teams are coming for them. And they’ll know they’ll have earned most of it, if not all of it.
  • Hell, they might as well go full heel. They might as well enjoy it.


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