domingo, 5 de abril de 2020

Noticiero El Big Picture del Deporte: Genioux Digital Vaccine: STRONG RULES for 14 days

Genioux Digital Vaccine, the first DIGITAL VACCINE in the DIGITAL ERA, offers A STRONG SET OF RULES for 14 days with a huge impact for any country, specially to United States. The RULES are easy to understand and easy to follow. The RULES are extracted from the most prestigious experts of The White House, CDC and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

STRONG RULES for 14 days

The huge impact of the Genioux Digital Vaccine in 14 days:
  1. In the big picture the massive application of Genioux Digital Vaccine allows any country to win this war in record time and boost to national growth, to save the most important HUMAN CAPITAL and spiritual, emotional, intellectual with advantages in our DIGITAL ERA. 
  2. It's going to radically slow the spread of the infection. The longer it takes for coronavirus to spread the population, the more time hospitals have to prepare.
  3. Quickly discover a high percentage of invisibility contaminated people across the country.
  4. Accelerates the full national census of contaminated people.
  5. Very fast a country reaches the ideal goal in fighting an epidemic or pandemic that is to completely halt the spread.
  6. Allows in record time to flatten the coronavirus curve. 


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